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I have recently worked with Pacific Property & Investments in two deals (one as a partner; the other as an investor) and earned solid returns for both investments. I found them to be professional, trustworthy, and was especially impressed by their going the extra mile to ensure each investment worked for all parties involved.

-Mary C.


I found that working with PPI, Inc. was a good experience. I had an initial meeting with them when I was faced with a horrible situation of losing my house to foreclosure. After outlining the whole process and setting a price with me, they came through. The negotiations with the bank to stop the sale, the upfront money to me, the fixing of the property at their cost, all done and taken care of. When the property was sold, I was delivered even more money than they promised me.

-Darren T.


I had been interested in Pacific Property & Investments to invest in one of many deals that they had available. The deal was a straight forward real estate deal and looked like a great return on investment. The only problem was that I hadn't actually gone through the process with my retirement account to withdraw the money and use it before. They were there to help with the process with the Custodian of my Roth IRA to get the investment made. I made a double digit return on my money inside three months. You can bet I'll be looking at all their future deals.

-Mark C.


When I first took a look at partnering on a deal with PPI, I was skeptical. The process was outlined and still seemed too good to be true. After asking exhaustive questions and I'm sure annoying them entirely, they went through the process until I understood. The deal was too good to be true and most of it was the way they handled the bank to negotiate the pricing of the real estate, the ease of the partnership structure, the ensuing construction, and the sale of the property. The few calls that I did get of things that did go wrong, mainly with construction, were handled by these folks quickly. The final phone call of where to pick-up our check was the best one. The returns made me and my wife very happy and am looking for more opportunities if they have them.

-Stephen F.


My house was rapidly headed into foreclosure. It was a very stressful, embarrassing and frustrating situation. I was approximately $40,000 behind in payments. During this time, I was bombarded via US Mail with letters from real estate agents and investors seeking to "partner" with me to sell my house and get me out of my difficult situation. However, most either offered to "help" me via a "short sell" (meaning I'd be stuck with the balance of my loan) or were only interested in making a fast buck via dishonest means. It was at this time that John McCloud and Pacific Property and Investments were made known to me by a reliable friend. John and his partners brought the house payments current, completed remodeling work on the house, helped with paperwork, and the eventual sale of the house. This positive outcome would not have been possible without Pacific Property and Investments. For anyone facing impending foreclosure of your home, I highly recommend PPI.

-Kyle M.

I have worked with many developers for over 15 years, and PPI stands out as a great company to work with; PPI has the ability to be responsive, creative, and to ‘think outside the box’ in a way that has become more and more uncommon with larger operations. 

-David R.

We really appreciate all the hard work you put into this house. On behalf of my clients Steven, Tyler, myself and Rachel at Redfin, thank you!

-Grant B.